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y no encuentro salida sin ti

if I could have you
warm against me
your whispers in my ear
my heart racing quick
anticipating sweet fire
if I could have you
so very close to me
each breath matched
each touch electric
the heat a slow simmer
waiting for release
if I could have you
every promise of this
every caress and kiss
I'll give it all to you
if I could just have you

So Ethan Suplee tweeted that Ryan Gosling is on Twitter. HOLY CRAP!!! Actually, Ryan's Twitter belongs to him and Zach Shields as they comprise the band Dead Man's Bones and the Twitter account references Dead Man's Bones and not either of the two. Does that make sense? Either way, RYAN GOSLING IS ON TWITTER!!!

It has been awhile since I've checked out the DMB's MySpace, so I skimmed over it and stopped on the tour dates. I froze on the October 27th gig.

Oct 27 2009 - 8:00P - Swedish American Hall - San Francisco, California

Crap, I think I need to find a way to get to San Francisco on October 27th. How could I pass up the opportunity to see Ryan Gosling LIVE?! We'll see if I get off my lazy butt and trek out to SF.

Oh my.

So this happened today. A shooting at one of the high schools (thankfully not in *our* district) but freakin' disturbing nonetheless. The student shot is expected to survive but can i just say WHAT THE HELL IS GOING IN THIS WORLD?! I know it can happen anywhere, but who do these people think they are shooting at high school students?! Of course Antioch doesn't need more bad press, but there it is...
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