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been here all along

I think of you
whenever I'm alone
when night is so cold
when I'm utterly forgotten
I think of you
whenever the stars shine bright
when promise sparkles just right
when I've lost almost everything
I think of you
whenever darkness falls
when my dreams merely stall
when I can't find my way
I think of you

So yeah, the VMAs. WTF was KW thinking? Oh wait, I give him more credit than he deserves, he *wasn't* thinking. Regardless of whether or not you like Taylor Swift, NO ONE had the right to snatch the microphone from her as she was giving her acceptance speech. Who the f--k does he think he is, taking that moment away from her? I'd like to know what he would have done if someone had done the exact same thing to him. Beyonce is a class act for letting Taylor finish her speech during her own moment.

On a side note, I've liked Taylor Swift since her song "Tim McGraw" and I've never liked KW.

I can't believe that the moment was staged because Taylor looked so appalled and pissed and embarrassed. She's been sticking with the high road and I applaud her for it. But if she ever decides to speak her mind, I'll be glad to hear it. Maybe she'll save it for a song, a song that climbs the charts and breaks some records. :)

Otherwise, it was a decent Monday. I'm not going into work tomorrow, so yah! A nice way to break up the week, eh? lol!

I'm digging the cooling trend. It's supposed to heat up by the weekend, but nothing close to triple digits, so that's good.

ETA: Journey well into the next, Patrick Swayze. You were a part of my movie theatre working days. We had Dirty Dancing *and* Ghost at our theatre (I got to work during Ghost's run). I can't believe you're gone now. Peace and love.
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