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you obviously do not adore me

we could call this love
without ever saying the word
we should call this love
but never face to face
are we cowards in hiding
never admitting the truth
are we trapped in hiding
fearing any revelation
we could take that chance
without losing our hearts
we should take that chance
just to know the feeling

I love long weekends because it makes the work week just a bit shorter. Today was a nice day at work. The lull is most welcome. ;)

  • I do not understand why people made such a fuss about President Obama addressing students today. Seriously, don't you want the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES to tell kids to stay in school in a reasonable, articulate, honest, and intelligent manner? I know if I had children, I'd like them to hear the message. I do not accept any reason to *not* have your children hear that message.

  • Flickr finally has an official iPhone app but it sucks. I only say this because although you can view your photostream and upload photos, you cannot upload hi res photos using the app. How does this make sense? Okay, it probably has to do with bandwidth and such, but seriously, can't we at least have the choice? I think it's a shame that 3rd party apps do a better job of uploading than the official app. Oh well, at least it's free.

  • I had a weird dream in which I was in Wal*Mart (which will likely never happen in real life if I should be able to help it) and my high school classmates were gathering around as if having a meeting. My one friend Andrea was there with a gal named Trudie but when she (Andrea) took me aside, she told me she had been staying with my friend Debbie's parents. She went on about waiting to get her alarm put in (at her house?) and the alarm people called Debbie's parents' place every fifteen minutes for no reason, etc. Andrea was going to reveal something to me but then I woke up. What the heck kind of dream was that?!

Whilst doing the mail at work, I glanced at the eSchoolNews magazine and saw this headline: Coach sued for requesting Facebook logins. (If you want to read the whole article, you actually have to sign up. I know, stupid.) Anyhoo, the short of it is that the cheerleading coach asked the cheerleaders to give up their Facebook logins and passwords because she wanted to make sure that none of the squad "were drinking or participating in any illegal behavior." Well, the gal suing gave up her login and password because she didn't think her profile was going to get her into any trouble. The cheerleading coach found a conversation between the gal and another squad member in which the gal used profanity.
"After this discovery, not only was Jackson prohibited from cheering at games, which she had already paid participation fees to do, but Hill also sent Jackson's private Facebook information to school administrators and other cheerleading coaches, according to the lawsuit."

Of course, and here's where the high school girl drama comes in, the gal has been "ostracized" and no one will talk to her, etc woe is me. So now she is suing her high school and former coach. My thoughts:

  1. Why the hell did she give her login and password to her coach?! Does she not pay attention to the whole warning you're given at every turn whenever you sign up for anything-- DO NOT GIVE YOUR LOGIN AND PASSWORD INFORMATION TO ANYONE?! As in, do not give your private login to anyone. It's *your* Facebook. If the cheerleading coach wants to "friend" you and you agree, well then hopefully you keep your private conversations private.

  2. Of course, the bigger question is-- WHO THE HELL DOES THIS CHEERLEADING COACH THINK SHE IS?! I'm sorry, but exactly what gives her the right to ask for private information like logins and passwords to Facebook? First off, what the girls do in cyberspace away from the cheering field really has NOTHING to do with this woman. People LIE online. Even if you think you're seeing something on Facebook or MySpace or wherever, it doesn't mean that it's real.

  3. And then, this cheerleading coach takes her deplorable actions further by reading PRIVATE messages in this girl's Facebook inbox. Guess what, the girl is allowed to say what she wants and if it's not on her public profile, what the hell are you doing looking into the private sections of her Facebook?

  4. Finally, forwarding this poor girl's information to the school administrators and other cheerleading coaches? I hope that isn't true because I'm sure that is an absolute violation.

The school of course countered:
School officials filed a motion saying Jackson and all cheerleaders were told their coaches would monitor social-networking web sites. The motion asks the judge to dismiss the case.

"Monitor social-networking websites" is not the same as asking for logins and passwords. Monitoring would include saying something like, "I'd like if you'd friend me so that I can keep an eye on you and message you as a group, etc." Life must be awful boring if you have to troll teens at Facebook.

Anyhoo, I was riled up when I read the article. I don't know how the school or cheerleading coach can defend their actions. I'm curious how they're going to convince a judge to dismiss the case. It really shouldn't have gotten that far, of course. The mother and girl are asking for a crazy amount of money ($100 mil). If the girl feels "ostracized" by her former friends, she needs to make new friends. Then again, maybe she lives in a small town. Who knows. It's just a shame really, a freakin' crazy shame.
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