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you don't even sing my songs

he has this way
when he smiles
something secret
lingers in the twinkle
sparkling in his eyes
he has this way
when he whispers
something promising
clings to his words
like silk soft on the skin
he has this way
when he touches
something electric
thrills every pulse
matching every heartbeat
he has this way
when he gives
something unbidden
binds the soul complete
promising eternity

Yesterday was a super lazy day. Loved it! We didn't do much. I did manage to finish Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I am now reading the last Harry Potter. I love reading. I must do it more. ;)

movie ticket
tickets to Star Trek

We watched Star Trek today! It's been re-released on IMAX for two weeks and this was my chance to see it. So we moseyed out to Stockton and watched the movie. Not sure if I care either way about having seen it in IMAX, but it did pretty much rock. It wasn't "true" IMAX but hey, I'll take it. lol!

almost friends
bridge of the enterprise

I'm not sure why I didn't take a shot of Karl as Bones, but as you can see I'm easily distracted by That Darn Chris Pine. TDCP. lol! I'm going to start calling him that. If I can remember. ;)

As the movie ended I couldn't help thinking that this was the last time I would be seeing it on the big screen. I was a little sad about it then excited at the thought of having the DVD and putting a clean copy on my iPhone to watch at my heart's content. lol!

Me, obsessed? Just a bit.
Tags: movies, poetry
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