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so just let me hold you close to me

if I follow the hollow in my heart
the path is dark and dreary
feeding every indecision
dragging me down so weary
if I follow the hollow in my heart
time vanishes with every breath
loneliness beckons so soothingly
drawing me into its depths
if I follow the hollow in my heart
salvation retreats from view
redemption will elude me
despair erasing all I ever knew
if I follow the hollow in my heart
the emptiness will drink me in
without any warning or relief
promising rapture in silky sin
if I follow the hollow in my heart
life becomes merely existence
moments so cold and blurred
dreams freezing without resistance

So Star Trek is coming back for a second round in IMAX. Who wants to see it again? ME!!! But darn them all to heck, the closest theatre looks to be in Stockton. Ugh. I wonder if I can convince the hubby to 1) see the movie again and 2) drive to Stockton to see it. I would very much like to see the movie in IMAX.

I am having a love/hate thing with my iPhone right now. I LOVE the apps, the pretty screen, the slimness. I HATE the battery life, the fact that some features are non-existent (MMS, hello!), no video (my version), and using it as a phone. The battery thing really riles me. My Blackberries have always treated me well (although the Storm needed a little work in the beginning) in terms of battery life. Even though I can't do anything about it right now, I feel as though I could end up with a Blackberry in the future with an iPod Touch for my fun stuff. I must resist the desire for something new. Resist!

Sydnee in her Nike gear

My niece in her Nike gear. lol!
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