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When it doesn't mean a thing...

You lied
right into my eyes
Your smile
so enticing
In your eyes
the twinkle unmistakable
Your words
so smooth
spreading thinner
each moment
Even as you maintain
the slick facade
I see right through you
But you see nothing
looking into my eyes
How could I have fallen
for someone like you?
I didn't want to see
what I know now
This is all a game
you play
Such a master
It's time to end this
time to turn away
But first let me try
a play of my own...

It's strange being home on my own all day. I wish everything was unpacked and put away and all I had to do was maintain the neatness. Instead, I keep what I can clean and neat and slowly go through the things we packed. It's difficult to figure out where everything is going when we don't have the same furniture and such. I don't have a dresser, so I really have no place to put my dresser stuff away. Things like that. Bah!

Otherwise, it's nice being home. My days have a tentative routine that I hope breaks soon enough. :P

CSI was good tonight. I love that show. I love when Nick has a big part. LOL! ;)
Tags: poetry
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