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only you can make the darkness bright

it doesn't mean a thing
the smile so quick and warm
bypassing common sense
heading straight to the heart
it doesn't mean a thing
the words so careless and off hand
forgoing the surface to settle deep
into a place dark and hidden
it doesn't mean a thing
the surprise of a breathless kiss
confusing every promise made
with eyes wide open
it doesn't mean a thing

I stayed up too late last night/early morning. But hey, I got to watch the Canterbury Crusaders beat the Wellington Lions. Yah!

sydnee jordan

I'm trying to get my sister to send me at least one picture a day of Sydnee. This one is my favorite of the day. Isn't she just adorable?! I've made the picture my Facebook profile pic because it's just too adorable!

I watched an episode of Supernatural this evening, "In the Beginning." Good ep! :)
Tags: etc, poetry, sydnee
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