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she likes the free fresh wind in her hair...

do you ever wonder
if we've ever touched
regardless of time and space
unlimited in our perception
connected by so much more
beyond unrequited fancies
beyond frustrated desires
do you ever wonder
why is the song so familiar
when you've never heard the tune
yet it courses through your soul
in time with every beat
swaying with such longing
do you ever wonder
if we will ever meet
smile those knowing smiles
without a word or a whisper
yet feeling destiny's pull
like a magnet to our hearts
do you ever wonder

Seriously, I'm super excited about tomorrow!  I should take a picture of myself when I find out. lol!

LEVERAGE - "The Two Live Crew Job"

I don't need spoiler space, do I?  Well, if so, stop reading for a paragraph or two. ;)

Awesome episode!  I already enjoy the show very much but having Wil Wheaton guest star was icing.  I like Wil Wheaton, if you didn't know.  Not "that way" but in a liking a geek for his geekiness and the fact that he's a Star Trek fellow way.  So yeah, watching him play Hardison's nemesis was just too much.  And one of my favorite parts was the "he's the Kobayashi Maru" line.  I busted up on that one!  Crazy!  Oh, and the nerd showdown was classic, just classic!

My favorite part was how each member was facing their counterpart and Eliot (Christian Kane) was going up against the gal.  I loved the scenarios they each played in their minds.  And then when they finally got down and dirty (or wet as it were), the tension was so delicious.  Delicious I say!  Yummy yummy yummy.


Adam was in the Bay Area!  No fair!  I want to visit the ice cream place where he had his challenge.  I won't order what he had though. Yikes! lol!  My tummy cannot take that much dairy.  Oh, and the sandwhich place looked cool too.  I would totally have a Barry Z.  Yes, I said it, so there.
Tags: poetry, tv
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