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This is what happens when LOST is the mini-marathon...

We watched four eps (disc 2) of LOST last night and I think this is why I dreamt the following...

I was in a room, comfortable, maybe a hotel suite or something. I don't know who I was talking to at first, but it turned into someone I haven't met yet. I was talking about the Grand Slam Sci-Fi Summit in Pasadena next week and lamenting on the fact that I wasn't going to attend (oh so many folks are going to be there-- actors from LOST and FIREFLY AND Jared Padalecki from SUPERNATURAL). But, I said with absolute conviction, "I'm going to next year's Xena convention." And here, abbagirl makes her appearance and asked, why? I said something like, "Because I was so jealous after reading your adventures at this year's convention." She laughed. And then I said over my shoulder, "You'll be there, right?" I aimed my question at the man reading a newspaper, sitting in a chair just behind me. He replied, "Yes, I will be there. I've already got the time all sorted out." And I thought to myself (or did I say it aloud), "I get to spend the whole day with ERIK THOMSON!"

Miss Sarah disappeared, as often people do in dreams, leaving me and Mr. Erik in this room planning our flight back to the States. For whatever reason, I was in Sydney Australia! He booked his flight first on the computer that magically appeared, then it was my turn...

And I think that's the end of the dream. Bummer! LOL! Of course, why I didn't realize I was already spending time with Erik Thomson in my dream is a bit beyond me. Doesn't make sense! And what the heck was I doing in Australia?! :P Such are dreams, eh?
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