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I'm at work! But it's not my work...

I think we're supposed to eat breakfast soon.  ;)

I had a dream about my former place of work.  How freakin' weird is that?  I think I was just visiting because I was following people around.  I don't think I had any keys or anything.  I remember asking of someone was transferred out already.  I didn't get to say hi to him.  :P

Woohoo, the A's won yesterday!  I guess they blew some big leads, but they managed to squeeze out the win.  Zito actually won the game.  Go Barry!  (And I'm talking about Zito, not that other guy across the Bay.)

I've got a Robi Draco Rosa song in my head.  The first track off his new CD Mad Love.  The song is "Dancing in the Rain."  I like the CD, it's cool.  But that first song just totally gets under your skin.  Yowsa.

So yes, I'm here in Concord at the Husband's workplace.  We should be stepping out soon, so I'll post this and then write again later.  Maybe.  Or maybe I'll blog.  ;)

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