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sing it with a southern drawl

Since I can't think of good subject lines, I'm using lines from songs, usually from whatever shows as the current music. Just so you know. ;)

I'm so glad it's Friday night! Just a little less than four hours before the All Blacks and Wallabies play. Yah! I love summertime and rugby and staying up late to watch it. lol! Go All Blacks! I'm hoping I can stay awake. I took a nap, so I have a chance! :)

EUREKA was another good one tonight. It was nice seeing Billy Campbell! Surprise guest star. lol! Never realized that he was so tall. I always thought Colin Ferguson was tall but Billy Campbell almost towered over him. Maybe it was just the angles. lol!

WAREHOUSE 13 was renewed for a second season! I love it! It's a funny show on Syfy (still don't dig the name change but whatever!). Can't wait to see what they do for next season. I hope we still have lots of eps for this season though. lol!

it's easy to smile
when the world hasn't a clue
you're broken inside
Tags: poetry
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