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anxiously waiting

I am without inspiration
bottled up inside
without release
without the trigger
words lost and fleeting
I am without inspiration
emotionless and cold
unfeeling yet impatient
wandering without direction
longing for the unknown
I am without inspiration
so dull inside
without that spark
without that light
my very soul fading
for I am without inspiration

  • I feel like I've written a poem like that before.

  • My friend text me while I was at work as she was on her way back home. I think I'm going to try and text her more often besides the messages back and forth on FB or whatever. :)

  • It's strange to slowly fall back into the routine. I like the feeling of being among friends, of seeing new faces or rather different faces from the usual day. Know what I mean? Ah well.

  • I scanned some old pictures. Maybe I'll post one or two of them after this bullet list of randomness.

  • I was reading my "senior will" from back in high school and I still remember the people I named! How funny is that? I totally forgot that I called someone "Charlie Brown." I wonder if he knows who he is. Hmmm.

  • My A's lost today. I did expect it. Boo!

  • And now it's time for bed!

on the field
we're standing on the field during lunchtime
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