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hectic day

just say yes
give in
I can promise
no regrets
just say yes
I can promise
beyond forever
just say yes
fall in
I can promise
a piece of paradise
just say yes

Today was one of those surprisingly hectic days. For me it was also a day where sucky people either called on the phone or stopped by the office. One sucky person including this woman with a snide tone and an altogether condescending manner. It wasn't what she said at first but it was the way she said it. Her attitude just rubbed me the wrong way.

And then there were the people who requested and were granted what they asked but now they want to take it back. It's not that easy. And what the hell, trying to blame US for your inconvenience when you asked for it.

Seriously, I just wanted to say SCREW YOU to some of these people.

But it ended at the end of the work day and we went to dinner at Digger's. And all was right in the world again.

Bacon cheeseburger
bacon cheeseburger
Cherry coke
the end of the cherry coke
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