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a sporty saturday

you've forgotten me
I see the way you look away
when you catch my gaze
too steady perhaps
too haunting perhaps
but you pretend not to know
telling yourself lies
you've forgotten me

A Day of Sports

We woke up a few minutes before 8am to watch New Zealand against South Africa for the Tri Nations. There's nothing like waking up early on a Saturday morning to watch rugby! Too bad the All Blacks lost. Ugh!

Even though the A's game wasn't going to start until 6:20pm, we were out the door by 3pm and got to the ball park a bit after 4pm. And we were still too late for the day's giveaway! The line to go in was RIDICULOUS. But it was great to see all the people there to celebrate Rickey Henderson Day. All the pre-game stuff was great and I felt a little teary eyed.

The game itself was all right while we were there. We had a decent seats with a good view. I always feel at home when I'm at a baseball game. It just feels so right being at the ball park. I love it!

However, I must vent a little. Perhaps I was spoiled by our previous jaunts in the suites or perhaps I'm just getting old and cranky but there are things I don't love at the ball park. Such as:

  • Children kicking the back of my seat.

  • Parents who let their children kick the back of my seat.

  • The helpless feeling that even if I told the parent to tell their child to stop kicking the back of my seat there's a chance they won't understand me because they don't speak English.

  • Parking costs $17. Yes, SEVENTEEN dollars. In these shaky, economic times, does it seem right to RAISE the price of parking for a baseball game?!

  • The seats are too small.

  • The A's losing.

Maybe I'm a snob but the cheaper the seats, the more unruly the fellow fans. It's like they don't know how to behave in public. There is an unsettling disregard and disrespect of the people around.

We ended up leaving early because 1) it takes at least an hour to get home, 2) it was too crowded in our section, 3) I wanted to a hot dog but I didn't want to go back to our seat after getting one. Well, maybe those weren't the reasons, but we left anyway.

I took lots of pictures but I'll have to post them later. Until then--

Tags: a's, all blacks, baseball, poetry, rugby
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