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happy monday or something like that...

inspiration lost
floundering in the abyss
desperation clings

The day before the first day of school is designated Convocation for our district. It's the only time of year where EVERYONE in the district is in one place. It's pretty awesome to see everyone and I enjoy it because 1) I get to chat a little with old co-workers and 2) I don't have to deal with crazy people on the phone. For me, it's a no pressure thing where I just have to sit and listen and eat my donuts. lol!

the green area

This year Convocation was held at the beautiful campus of Heritage High School. I'll confess I have a soft spot for Liberty High School but gosh, Heritage is damn lovely. On looks alone I can see why parents want their kids to attend the school. It's like a little college campus. Gorgeous, just freakin' gorgeous.

The morning had some somber moments, mostly due to the current state of the budget. On the other hand, it was great when the folks got their service pins for their years in the district. My boss has been with LUHSD for THIRTY-FIVE YEARS!!! He got a standing ovation, which was well deserved. Yowsa!

the big boss

Having convocation in the morning made for a rather short day at work. I really liked how the day zipped by and I got the minimal amount of crazy calls. Oh, and in the afternoon we got trained on the new copier. Wow, that piece of crazy machine rocks! lol!

the doggies
the doggies

I started reading a review about the Sony H20 and I realized that my Lumix TZ1, the first of its kind, is a predecessor to the Sony H20. I don't think I gave the TZ1 enough chances so I might use it this coming weekend for the A's game (should we get to go). And then maybe I'll bring it to my reunion. We'll see.
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