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really, it's sunday already?

The weekends rush by much too quickly. I suppose it doesn't help that I consistently need to stay up past 2am or later Friday and Saturday nights. And then the dogs wake me by 8am and I end up napping in the middle of the day. Now here I am in the middle of Sunday wondering where the weekend has gone. Oh my!

draw me closer now
whisper sweet lies to melt me
willing into you

Oh, we saw Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince yesterday!

First, I must say this. Even though The Rave is a spectacular movie theater, all fancy and comfortable, it cannot escape its proximity to Antioch. Of course, perhaps I shouldn't blame the rude ass people who decided to sit behind us for about 40 minutes of the movie and make an indecent amount of noise on our neighboring city, but it seemed like a logical assumption. For cripes' sakes, STFU when people are trying to watch a movie. When we fork over our hard earned money for a little a/c on a blazing afternoon, the least we should get is considerate behavior from fellow moviegoers. The people behind us were freakin' asses.

And that is all on that.

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Even though there were plenty of fun parts (okay, I giggled a lot), it felt a little slow to me on the whole. It was definitely a more character driven film. I confess, I did cry a little near the end.

I think if I weren't so far removed from reading the book, I might have better filled in the missing parts, but since it's been awhile, I just felt as though there were things missing because I have a vague recollection of the book. Does that make sense? lol!

Still, I enjoyed it very much inspite of the stupid asses who sat behind us and the feeling of missing parts to the film. It's probably not my most favorite Harry Potter film (The Goblet of Fire is still my most favorite of the bunch, followed closely by the first two), but it's not my least favorite either. I won't see it again in the theatre, but I'll of course buy the blu-ray when it comes out.

Some of my favorite things included:

  • Harry after drinking the vial of good luck - The goofy look on his face just killed me. He was so cute, especially when he was talking about spiders.

  • Ron thinking he had good luck - Look what a big of confidence does to you. I liked when he told Harry his lips were chapped from all the snogging. lol!

  • Snape making the unbreakable vow - There was so very little Snape in this film but the scene with him and the sisters was a powerful one. And it was so beautifully done.

  • Almost anything with Hermione - I very much liked the little things she showed in regards to her feelings toward Ron. For one who always speaks her mind, she is muted and frustrated in this film because she wants to say what she feels but she doesn't.

  • Everything Draco Malfoy - Perhaps I was personally squeezing out as much as I could whenever he was on screen, but I felt Draco's struggles and determination in every scene. I think one or two lines of WHY he was doing what he was doing (not just because he was "chosen") would have brought even more depth to his character's resolve.

  • The flashbacks - I wouldn't have minded more Tom Riddle flashbacks, especially since I know there was more in the book.

I'm sure I could think of more but that's all I have for now. :)
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