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much too hot outside

he tells himself it's nothing
the way she sways
the way she smiles
the way his heart skips that beat
when she says his name
he tells himself it's nothing
the way she stops
the way she starts
the way his breath catches
when she laughs and takes his hand
he tells himself it's nothing
the way he aches
the way he wants
the way she waits for him
when he calls her name

Why must it be so hot outside? WHY?!

I've updated some of my LJ icons with Chris Pine icons. See, that's how you know, well, you know. lol!

The All Star Game is on and contrary to my usual mo, I am actually cheering for the National League. I'm a Cardinals fan and the game is in St. Louis. There you go.

Meggie & Saffy reunited!

Meggie and her Yorkie roomies are visiting us for the week. How fun, eh? Well, maybe. lol!
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