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seeing you again
who knew after all this time
you still have my heart

NKOTB concert

So wow, New Kids on the Block. Just WOW.

I tell ya, I went into the day in a weird kind of daze, as if my excitement was pushed down for some reason. And then it all came out when the concert started. I took so much video it's not even funny! I mostly wanted to catch bits of all the songs and then maybe a whole song here and there. Well, I did more than that. Not sure what I'm going to do with all of it, but much of it will likely go on YouTube. lol!

NKOTB concert
one of the most exciting points of the concert...

The opening acts were pretty good... Jabbawockeez = neat-oh! It's kinda weird, the masks, but they were cool. Love the moves!... Jesse McCartney is one sassy boy! Loved him. I'm glad he did "Leavin'" and "How Do You Sleep." He's a talented young man and hopefully he keeps on plugging away. :)

NKOTB concert
Jesse McCartney

But of course the most wonderful part of the night was New Kids on the Block. They were soooooo good! I cannot believe how much I still love them. Yes, LOVE THEM. Sure, some of it is residual feelings of youth, but most of it is just love for the group. I will always love them.

I'll probably write up the playlist later, but my favorite part of the concert was "Single." Why? Because Danny Wood was in our section!!! All the guys stood in different sections and we got Danny. HE WAS SO CLOSE!!! I just about freakin' DIED! HOLY CRAP! And suddenly I remembered that he was my favorite and now he is again because HE WAS IN OUR SECTION!!!

They sang most of my favorites and I was so stoked that I remembered most of the songs. I even remembered the words to some of the songs. It was so cool!

My dear cousin Christine took me (she and my sister bought the tickets as a bday gift to me) and we had such a great time! I'm glad we went together because we enjoyed it together.

NKOTB concert NKOTB concert
before and after!

I also found the twins! Just one section over. How cool is that?!

NKOTB concert

Our fellow concert goers were A TRIP! The gals next to me were cool but the ladies next to my cousin were extremely exhuberant. lol! Lots of women my age, then lots of young ladies in their twenties.

NKOTB concert
her ass says "full service"

People are interesting.

NKOTB concert
danny, joey, donnie
NKOTB concert
NKOTB concert
NKOTB concert
danny, so close!
NKOTB concert
NKOTB concert
NKOTB concert
jon, joey, donnie, jordan, danny
NKOTB concert
joey and jon
NKOTB concert
danny and his girls
NKOTB concert
jon, joey, danny & his girls, jordan

After the end of the concert we ran into our aunt and cousins!

NKOTB concert
my family!

Okay, I'm tired now. I think I'll upload some pics to Facebook. lol!

I'll end with this:
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