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today in pictures...

Perhaps this post is mostly about my hair and food. We'll see...

After I made my hair appointment yesterday (had to use that $75 rewards certificate!), I searched online for a nice looking cut. The first picture I liked was this one:

I thought, hey, my hair could maybe do that. lol!

So, armed with that photo in my iPhone, we headed to Livermore this morning for my 12:15p appointment with Karen at Fusion3 SpaSalon. This was my first time at the Fusion3 and I was not disappointed!

Here's what I looked like before:
before the cut

And here I am after:
after the cut

... as well as:

Fusion3 is an Aveda concept salon, so all Aveda products. My services came with a head and neck massage as well as hand massage. It was relaxing and comfortable. My stylist, Karen, was AWESOME! She was friendly and easy to talk with and I just felt at ease with her. I love the cut! Of course, we'll see how I feel in a week and I'm fixing my own hair but at this very moment I just love it!

After my hair cut, I walked down First Street and joined the hubby at the First Street Alehouse. I had a drink and ate the rest of his fries.

First Street Alehouse
First Street Alehouse

After the Alehouse, we went over to the Carvery for lunch. Mmmm, Harry's!

what to choose...

turkey wing special

And that was our time out in Livermore! All in all, a good day. ;)
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