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love it's only sunday


I hit my highest score so far in Bejeweled Blitz!!! I know, exciting, right? lol!

  • I changed the layout of my tumblr. I like it! Makes me think I should go ahead and use it more. I really just use it to post from my other online places. It's the central point of my stuff. Fun, eh?

  • I was super lazy today. Love it!

  • Why can't I ever just be content with the tech toys on hand instead of wanting something new every six months to a year later? Take now, for instance. I wouldn't mind a handheld camcorder alá a Flip thing. Or how about a new digicam that can do HD video? I also would not mind a cameraphone that does video and is compatible with Qik.

  • I wonder what day I'll clean the house.

  • My poor Saffy so needs a bath! Another chore I dread.

  • I should have worn my hair up yesterday. I look gross in my pictures. Bah!

  • If I wait long enough, I can post this tomorrow along with a poem. Nah!

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