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did you all have a nice 4th?

Our 4th of July was lovely!

happy 4th of july! happy 4th of july!
before & after = homemade mac & cheese by bev

happy 4th!
Dad with the two babies

happy 4th! happy 4th!

happy 4th! happy 4th!

We went over to my cousin's house and had dinner. Soon after sundown,we hiked up the hill behind their house and watched the fireworks from College Park High School and the country club. For some reason the fireworks at each place started at nearly the same time, so it was like watching a tennis match trying to keep attention on each burst in the sky. My video clips turned out much better than my photos.

country club finale

The finale from the country club was quite grand compared to the finale at College Park. But they were both rather entertaining. And the view from the hill totally rocked!

happy 4th!
happy 4th!
happy 4th!

the sun shines bright
high in the blue sky
warming the summer days
vibrant and sweet
the heat fills the air
cut by fleeting breezes
slipping in the shadows
laughing in the shade
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