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broken vow...

Going through the motions
heart not in it
Why do it at all
commit without commitment
Life is life
not fantasy to pursue
Love is love
with the heart open and true
Does it not mean a thing
told before family and God
The reasons are unclear
explantions blurred and flawed
But this is real
the anger and the hurt
This wasn't the plan
there can be nothing worse
Where then now
to nurse this broken vow?...

It's amazing how people can disappoint you, eh? You think they have a sense of right and wrong but then you realize that their versions of right and wrong don't match yours. How can that be? Do I live is some freak fantasy world or have I not yet learned the follies of my fellow humans? No, I understand we have our weaknesses and such, but I guess I just didn't expect it so close to home.

Maybe I'll vent more in a friends only post. :P I'm still trying to process this in my head...
Tags: poetry
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