Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

sweet tweets

  • 23:35 LJ post - sweet tweets #
  • 06:54 getting up from the computer to go on with my morning routine... #
  • 07:43 LJ post - hello wednesday #
  • 08:15 Morning yumminess #
  • 08:38 @LetterstoRYAN so Transformers 2 was good? better than the 1st one? #
  • 08:44 sometimes the mocha frap tingle reminds me of the thrill of anticipation. ah, caffeine induced tingles. lol! #
  • 08:45 i think my happy mood could be the result of the 80s mix currently singing on my ipod. karma chameleon... #
  • 10:30 RT @wilw New post on my blog: time to write = this makes total sense to me! i'm glad it's not just me. lol! #
  • 10:39 everytime someone asks if i'm taking any time off this summer, i say yes and always mention the @nkotb concert in concord. lol! me=geek #
  • 13:53 first i get re-tweeted and now i'm being followed by a transformers themed twitter. weird! lol! #
  • 20:53 I just took the "What NKOTB Song describes you best ?" quiz and got: Keep on smiling! Try it: #lolquiz #
  • 21:03 I just took the "Which NKOTB would marry you ?" quiz and got: Joey! Try it: #lolquiz #
  • 21:22 @joeymcintyre I took the quiz and got you! lol! :) #
  • 21:26 I just took the "NKOTB, Obsession or Addiction?" quiz and got: Your a fan not a fanatic.! Try it: #lolquiz #
  • 21:27 I just took the "Which New Kid Would Be Your Perfect Lover" quiz and got: Joey Mac! Try it: #lolquiz #
  • 21:28 @joeymcintyre i keep getting you in these quizzes and you're not technically my favorite. lol! not that i don't love all of you, i do! ;) #
  • 22:04 [mjazz] day174: me at work:

    me at work, originally uploaded by walelia.

    I’m growing my bangs o.. #
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