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hello wednesday

No weird dreams last night. Or maybe I just don't remember them. lol!

I'm writing story scenes between unnamed characters, which just seems so weird to me. Usually I think long and hard about the names I bestow upon my characters but right now I guess I just want to write the scenes. I don't even know how long the story is because I think I'm writing the end right now. lol! Maybe it's just a novella type story. I don't know. But it's a strange process for me at the moment. I usually write in a linear fashion.

this craving consumes me
tripping me from destiny
lighting a different path
tinged with unseen possibilities

this craving consumes me
trapping me in this web
so tangled without escape
but I just want to stay

this craving consumes me
breaking me from reality
harsh and unforgiving
but irresistible to the touch
Tags: poetry
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