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middle of the weekend

I stayed up and watched New Zealand vs. France. New Zealand won! :) It's weird watching and not seeing Daniel Carter in the #10 jersey. Alas! Hopefully he comes back in time for the Tri Nations. :)

Yesterday I was off from work by noon. Glorious! We headed out to San Leandro and had dinner at my parents' house. My cousin and her baby (and soon after her husband) also came for dinner. We video chatted a little with my sister. Fun!

video chatting

me & b

I like going over to my parents because I get to eat real food and spend time with my family. :)

When we came home, we ended up watching Tropic Thunder (omigosh, some hilarious stuff in that movie!) then the rugby match. Go All Blacks!!!

Today we went to dinner with the in-laws.

food at Shari's

Yeah, I had a BLT.

And now we're home. I'm fiddling on my computer because it now has a new hard drive. Rockin'! But I need to download things and such. Fun. :P

there's a secret untold
untouched by whispers
held fast in delight
unsuspected by all
there's a secret untold
waiting for release
stirring impatiently
undetected by sharp eyes
there's a secret untold
slipping bit by bit
through the widening cracks
ready to fly high
Tags: poetry
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