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the temperature climbs

When I walked out into the morning today, the sun felt too warm on my skin. I think those cool days of temps in the 70s are coming to an end. Alas!

Did I forget to say what a good time I had on Sunday? Oh no, I did!

We went to Concord on Sunday for a housewarming. It was fun! Whenever I finally get together with my friends, I realize how much I miss them. We have shared so many memories together and it's amazing how much we all still remember from our movie theatre days and such. I love that.

J, me, D, C

I've known D & C since HIGH SCHOOL and J since our days at Festival Cinemas. We all worked together at Festival. Ahhh, the movie theatre years. Fun times, fun times!

the guys

me and E

You know me, I've got to take a picture with a baby whenever possible. lol!

and the cake was good!

let the darkness fall
this travesty will haunt you
constant in your dreams

I'm trying out TweetDeck for the iPhone. It's pretty cool. Too bad I paid for Tweetie! lol! We'll see which one I end up using. Maybe whoever integrates Facebook into their program? lol!
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