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the vinyl still sings

Listening to my old albums. Like the following...

and apparently I will be loving them forever...


Even though I love my CDs and my ipods, there is something so wonderful about listening to vinyl. Or maybe I'm just old. ;)

I was on the phone with a person asking about which school her student would attend when an older lady came to my counter. Usually when I'm on the phone I go ahead and try to finish the call before attending to the person at my counter. After all, the person on the phone called first. But this old lady was very impatient and started strumming her nails and sighing loudly. So I put the person on the phone on hold and asked the lady how I could help her.

The woman started this long story about how she used to go this way and that way and after turning and passing the big high school, the cemetary wasn't too far away. Now all these shops were in town and she didn't know which way to go.

Ummm, sorry, you interrupted my phone call, which was obviously SCHOOL BUSINESS to ask me how to get to a CEMETERY in "the country"?!

At first I thought she meant the Union Cemetery in Brentwood, but oh no, she wanted the one in Antioch. I told her she would need to go on the bypass then the freeway for that one, but she insisted that she could get to it from the town streets.

In the mean time, I had this other woman holding on the phone. I interrupted the old lady and told her that I would need to finish my phone call with a person who actually had a district question. I didn't let her say anything and went back on the phone but the old lady sighed loudly and tried to look into the office and asked, "Well, isn't there someone older here who can help me?"

Thankfully I got off the phone and tried to deal with the old lady before me. I told her that she would need to go on the freeway but she seemed totally appalled and acted as if I had no idea what the heck I was talking about. I started to think that she referring to a super secret cemetery I knew nothing about.

One of my co-workers managed to get through the old lady and she finally left. THANK GOODNESS.

You know, I cannot stand when people are RUDE. I was on the phone, which is my job, and she could have waited a minute. But then to interrupt me with a non-school district question? WTF? Oh, and with a freakin' attitude at that! Does it say "information" on our doors? No, it does not. So what makes people think they can be rude and demanding and idiotic with me when they're not even asking me something I'm supposed to know?

So yeah, that was part of my work day today.
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