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it's my "friday!"

And this is a good thing. lol!

My sister is on her way to CA as I write. Just about an hour or so before she lands. So exciting! I'll get to see her pregnant belly. Awwww! :D

We had an Open House Reception at work today for the Superintendant. He's retiring. It was nice seeing the folks who stopped by. I was hoping to see more but it was rather loud with the ones who were there. lol!

cake table
cake table


some of the stoppers-by

I like how you can't tell who's in the above picture. LOL! Actually, I know who they are but you don't unless you know them yourself. ;)

card table
a nice keepsake

The air is nice and cool outside this evening. I love it.

time presses down slow
the days pass with just a glance
half living this life
almost in slumber
caught in a mindless despair
waiting for that spark
aching deep inside
thrills forgotten in the dark
warm embers dying
Tags: luhsd, photos, poetry
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