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my muse teases me

I'm way too addicted to Bejeweled 2. Must close the Facebook tab!

The weather has been a bit cooler but it's still too warm. I don't know why I think such things. I should be happy with the sunshine and occasional breeze. But I've been missing the cooler days of the East Bay. Alas!

My Muse teases me. I sense quick little bits of possible stories stirring in the distance. But why in the distance?

the sky

his is a heart untouched
walled behind easy smiles
unreachable by usual means
hers is a heart of dreams
waiting patient and serene
willing to give forever
theirs are hearts duly matched
seeking without knowing
they are meant to be
theirs are hearts in motion
scared yet open
unsure yet certain
theirs are hearts to be one
Tags: etc, poetry
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