Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

sweet tweets

  • 01:18 LJ post - sweet tweets #
  • 07:54 [mjazz] day151: holli and saffy:

    holli and saffy, originally uploaded by walelia.

    Dogs at rest.
    Can .. #
  • 09:49 hoping the damage to the car is merely cosmetic. alas! #
  • 09:57 @bitchtude girl hit my car as i was turning into our driveway here at work. ugh! #
  • 10:15 @bitchtude the fender indented but has since popped back out. hoping it's just cosmetic... #
  • 10:30 @Surabufix She did and I've already called it in. #
  • 10:31 i'm still so annoyed about the little fender bender! how long before i'm not pissed off? aaack! #
  • 13:37 walelia@johncabrera #careerday - paper secretary/receptionist by day, webgal/aspiring poet/aspiring writer by night... #
  • 14:01 @joeymcintyre here's a word: osculate, which mean to kiss. such a clinical word, don't you think? lol! #
  • 14:03 @joeymcintyre tenebrous - dark, murky #
  • 16:21 @itsbernbee mmm, in-n-out! :D #
  • 19:30 Watching the A's game. Thome just freakin' hit a homer. Alas. #
  • 20:43 @Alyssa_Milano looking forward to yours and @chris_gorham 's tweets from the set. And very wonderful on the news. :D #
  • 21:16 @wahlee I'm okay. I was more pissed that anything. Lucky I guess. #
  • 23:18 LJ post - can I find up side to this? #
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