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can I find up side to this?

My Monday began in a rather crappy manner.

So I was approaching the driveway at work and slowed down because two kids were crossing the driveway. My right signal was on as I waited to turn into the driveway. The car behind me tried to go around and instead hit my back left bumper, leaving it like this:
06.01.09 - approx 8am

I was LIVID and signaled for her to follow me into the parking lot. Thankfully she did and I totally railed into her when we were both out of our cars. Seriously, what the hell was she thinking?! She was absolutely apologetic and got a little weepy. I told her that she needed to watch where she was going. I gave her a couple of what ifs - what if I had had a kid in my car? What if my tires were turned when she hit me and I hit one of the pedestrians?

We exchanged information. Her mother (?) came down and she said that I kinda hurt the girl's feelings when I yelled at her. And she was startled that I "slammed on the brakes." Ummm, I had my signal on and was slowing down because of the pedestrians. This AFTER going over the speed bump. So why would I need to "slam on the brakes?" I wouldn't!

By the end of the exchange, the car looked like this:
06.01.09 - approx 8am

The bumper popped itself out! Hopefully that's all the damage. Alas.

once innocence fades
revealing wonders anew
love is pure and true
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