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go watch STAR TREK

BTW, I'm a little addicted to the Glee version of Don't Stop Belivin'. lol!

I saw Star Trek again today. Yes, again. Third time! And guess what, STAR TREK STILL ROCKS!!! I would seriously go see it again. But next time (ha, I said next time!), I'm not buying popcorn and soda. Expensive! lol!

karl urban

And I finally got a blurry shot of Karl Urban's name in the credits. Go me! lol!

The more I watch Star Trek, the more I'm impressed by Chris Pine. He makes me laugh. His Kirk is good-looking, funny, and cocky. Love it, especially the cocky part.

Zachary Quinto is amazing as Spock. He's so emotional yet controlled. When he loses it, it's so powerful. He's just amazing.

Karl Urban still makes me fangirl giddy. I cannot help it. Most of the time I can just fall into the fact that he's Leonard McCoy, but every now and again I think, oh, he kissed me. LOL! Or, hey, he was pretty yummy as Cupid. As McCoy, he's just fantastic. I really like the way the friendship between McCoy and Kirk is played. Lovely.

The very first scene ALWAYS gets me to the brink of tears. Oh, and the actor who plays George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) is damn cute. DAMN CUTE. Looks wise, he looks like he could be related to the future James Kirk. The pain of the first scene just gets me. It's a harsh way to start the movie, but ultimately quite brilliant. BRILLIANT.

Oh, and here's Chris Hemsworth. Love his accent. ;)

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