Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

sweet tweets

  • 23:26 LJ post - sweet tweets #
  • 07:17 glad it's already tuesday but wishing it was still the weekend. such is me. #
  • 07:34 LJ post - back to the grind #
  • 09:49 [mjazz] day145: making a cd:
    making a cd, originally uploaded by walelia.
    A country playlist.
    I’m .. #
  • 10:26 @tialessa Totally forgot to add Christian Kane to my cd! i have some of his stuff. next cd! ;) #
  • 10:45 I'm not surprised but I'm surely disappointed about the ruling today. #
  • 10:47 @tialessa I have to check out his myspace. I don't go there too often these days. :P #
  • 11:55 Sitting in warm and lovely sunshine yet oddly missing the cooler misty days. #
  • 12:45 @rstevens as a nerd girl who falls within that age range, I think I can say I might have entertained the idea of kissing Wesley Crusher. #
  • 14:25 it's warm. i'm warm. more a/c please! #
  • 17:14 Grape juice isn't supposed to taste like grapes. It's supposed to taste like purple. (via @wilw) - agreed! LOL #
  • 17:29 @wahlee Mulder isn't with a team right now. I miss him. #
  • 18:00 @wahlee he just hasn't found his place yet. Alas! #
  • 19:13 @rstevens Karl Urban. He smelled good. ;) #
  • 19:13 @rstevens Or maybe Ryan Gosling. I think I could smell his hair... #
  • 19:29 LET'S GO A'S!!! Hey, the bases are loaded. Hmmm. #
  • 20:21 [mjazz] day146: back of my head:

    me, originally uploaded by walelia.

    I was sitting in the warm sunsh.. #
  • 21:36 Holli standing still #
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