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randomly on Saturday


We visited the East Bay yesterday. My aunt is visiting from the Philippines and we all had lunch together. Then we hung out at my parents' house for a bit. It was nice. The weather was just lovely in San Leandro! Cloudy and cool. It's still spring there! I miss the cooler weather. As much as I like this town, I miss the cooler days in the East Bay. Oh well.

randomly saturday
me, Tita Norma, Mom, and Dad

randomly saturday randomly saturday

My sister sent my Mom flowers for her birthday. Pretty!

randomly saturday
randomly saturday

And random shots...

randomly saturday
randomly saturday

The difference between here and there...

randomly saturday randomly saturday

Today we're off to brunch! The babies will be there. Awww, babies. :)

dashing all this hope
once again you break my heart
tearing at my soul
Tags: family, photos, poetry
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