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a tirade first

In the wee hours of the other morning, the hubby woke me up to tell me that I couldn't text my friend in Canada anymore. Why, you ask? Well, because AT&T charges TWENTY-FIVE CENTS for each outgoing text to Canada. WTF?!

So tell me, why do we pay for "unlimited messaging" only to have it cost money to send texts to Canada? For goodness sakes, the country codes for the US and Canada ARE THE SAME! Yes, THE SAME. Oh, and all the other carriers we've used in the past do not charge an international texting fee to text to Canada. So what's so special about AT&T? Someone please enlighten me.

Oh AT&T, this is what I must call an EPIC FAIL on your part. It's utterly disappointing and sad that you charge this fee when everyone knows that it costs barely a blip to send texts. It's bad enough we have to pay for a separate package for texting but now it's not even really "unlimited."

I can still text my friend in Canada. Well, not really. I send an email to her phone number's email addy and it gets to her like a text. So we have that at least. But damn, how utterly convoluted!

Now I must get ready for work.

I want nothing more
just your eyes pleading for me
stringing me along
Tags: pissed off, poetry
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