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is it cooling down yet?

I wish my family would RSVP. Yes or no, I don't care. Just let me know! :P

This warm weather makes me lazy (not that it takes much). I just want to nap until it's decently cool.

There's a story in my head that wants to come out but when I actually sit down to write it, my muse laughs and leaves me. Why do you leave me, Muse?!

Dollhouse is coming back next season. YAH! But why is Fringe moving to Thursday nights, 9pm?! I see CSI turning into a show I watch on the Roku. Alas! But hey, Dollhouse is coming back! I like when shows make it to a second season. ;)

and isn't that just a sweet face?

I know you can't say
why you won't let go of this
even through the tears
Tags: etc, poetry

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