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Super Con 2009

First thing, must show off this picture of me with Marina Sirtis.

Super Con 2009

I think she is just so gorgeous. She was my favorite on ST:TNG. LOVE HER!!! :D

So here's a rundown of our day in San Jose...

When I found out Marina Sirtis was going to be at Super Con, I knew that I would want to go. I was already half planning on going because I had a good time last year, but knowing Marina was going to be there just made it even better. I figured I would have her sign the picture of me with her and Jonathan Frakes.

with Jonathan Frakes and Marina Sirtis

We arrived at the South Hall at about noon or so. Enough time to walk around and take in the sights before Marina's panel at 1pm. We paid to enter and saw that the guests were to our right, ready to chit chat and autograph and take pictures. I found Alice and was happy to see that she was sitting with Marina. Awesome! Alice and I chatted a little. I asked the particulars regarding autographs and pictures, then waited to speak with Marina.

She greeted me with, "Hello there young lady." I know I smiled and said hello. Alice showed her the picture I wanted signed and Marina looked at it for a moment, then asked me if it was taken in Las Vegas. I told her Sacramento and she looked at the picture again and said, "Where is that dress?" She frowned at the picture and explained that she couldn't remember where that dress was. She said that her clothes seemed to disappear in dark abyss and she couldn't think of where the dress in the picture had gone. She also mentioned that she was always leaving clothes behind and at one point lost her husband's Armani tux. Unfortunately, it was the tuxedo he wore for their wedding. Ooops!

Marina signed the picture and gave it back to me. Alice told her I always wanted a picture with her, so Marina came around and the husband took a picture of the two of us. (Should have gotten two!) After we had our picture taken, Marina turned to me and said that she liked the longer hair on me. Neat! She made her way back to her side of the table and said she had short hair once and never again! I told her I remembered seeing her in Monterey with the short hair cut. I think she said her husband didn't like it? LOL!

A few people came around, so we eased our way out of there. I told Alice I'd see her later. It's always great seeing her!

The husband and I walked around, not really looking for anything special, but looking at everything. I was hoping to find the Countdown comic (the "prequel" to the Star Trek movie) and maybe a Star Trek action figure or two. Well, I did find some Watchmen stuff. I almost bought the Comedian bust. It was only $35! But I said I would wait just in case I see something else. There was also the Comedian action figure that I didn't already have. During our wanderings I found the Countdown comic! Of course I bought it. ;)

Super Con 2009

Soon it was time for Marina's panel. I found a seat and had my camera ready. :)

Right after I took a little video, Marina said no videotaping because she knew she'd say something and didn't want it to end up getting her in trouble. Bummer! I had to settle for one more quick video and a bunch of mostly blurry shots. Ah well!

Super Con 2009
Super Con 2009

And here are some of the things I remember her mentioning...

  • Flying the Enterprise - She was so excited when she got to the part of the script where she got to fly the Enterprise. She called Michael Dorn, "Dornie" as she calls him, and asked if he's read the script. He said and asked if she read after. She said no. He told her, "Finish the script and call me back." Well, she wasn't excited after reading the rest of the script. Why was it when she finally got to fly the Enterprise, it ended up crashing?

  • For Gargoyles they recorded as if it were live radio. They were all together acting out the cartoon. Not so with Family Guy. Alas!

  • She's still friends with her TNG castmates. :)

  • She saw Star Trek. We all clapped and she said, "Oh, so you all liked it?" And we clapped again in the affirmative. She said, "Wasn't that Chis Pine cute?" Or something like that. "Of course, he's old enough to be my son, so we'll not talk about that." More laughs. "But you know who I really liked," she said. "Karl Urban." Of course I gave a little woohoo, along with a some other folks. I think she said something like, "Yes, that Karl Urban..." And I can't remember what else she said! Aaaack! LOL! But I thought it was so cool she mentioned him. GO KARL!

  • Her favorite Star Trek movie is First Contact. "Sorry JJ," she said. She liked the drunk scene. She finally got to play comedy.

  • She said that Jonathan Frakes is one of the best directors she's worked with because he's loved by the actors and the crew. :)

  • Someone asked about her Star Trek outfits and she gave us the long story about how when she got the role of Deanna they told her to lose weight. She hated her costumes, especially since when her cleavage showed it was as if Troi's IQ went downhill. When she finally got to wear the Starfleet uniform, suddenly Deanna was smart again! lol!

  • Deanna's accent - She was told to make up an accent since Deanna was Betazoid and she was the first we'd seen. So she made one up, then Deanna's mother came around and she didn't have an accent. Marina asked about it and they told her she had her father's accent. But when they showed her father, he also had an American accent. She asked again and was told her parents sent her away to school, now get out of the office. :P So Marina gradually changed Deanna's accent as the seasons went along to match the rest of the crew.

  • The last question asked had something to do with regretting anything about her Star Trek years. Since time was almost over, Marina took the opportunity to say that sometimes actors or musicians sometimes forget that the reason they have all the blessing in their life is because of the public. So she said thank you to all of us for her car, her house, her clothes, her life. She said that we were the ones who watched the show, bought the movie tickets (though not enough for Nemesis, she cracked), bought the DVDs, etc. And she said that the TNG years were the best of her life and it was all because of us, the fans.

And then she was done.

We decided to wind down our time and went back to the table with the Watchmen stuff. I decided against the bust and instead bought the Comedian action figure. Now I have two versions of the same action figure! lol!

Super Con 2009

We stopped by the Marina table and I chatted with Alice for a little bit. Marina was at lunch, so I didn't get to see her again. Alas! It was great seeing Alice again!

Super Con 2009

We talked and watched the people walk by and take pictures with the ones in costume. Fun!

Super Con 2009
Super Con 2009

I thought Wonder Woman was pretty cute. Wish I could fit in the outfit like that! lol!

Super Con 2009
I almost bought something at this table...

So that was my day at Super Con. :)
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