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can you hold your breath

can you hold your breath
as anticipation swirls
stealing a heartbeat

We went to the movies yesterday evening.

We saw Angels & Demons. Would you like to know more?



Let me first say this - READ THE BOOK, IT'S MUCH BETTER. In fact, I found that Angels & Demons was a much better story than The Da Vinci Code. Here's the funny thing though - The Da Vinci Code movie was much more faithful to the novel than Angels & Demons. Sad really, since I think Angels & Demons was a better novel.

Perhaps if I didn't remember key moments from the novel, I might have enjoyed the film more. I was going to read the book again before seeing the movie but I didn't get to it. The husband, however, did read the book again and he was very disappointed by the plot points that were taken out. I was pretty disappointed too.

As a movie, Angels & Demons was all right. I think I could have gone without seeing it in the theatre. It pains me just a bit that we paid to go see the movie. At least it was matinee.

The good points:

  • Ewan McGregor was fantastic. His Carmerlengo. Since I don't remember much about the character's looks and such from the book, he suited me fine in this role.

  • The scenary was great. I need to go to Rome someday, visit the Vatican. LOL!

  • The helicopter scene was brilliant. So beautifully done.

  • Ayeleyt Zurer is beautiful. I liked watching her.

Yikes, I think that's all for good points. Oh no.

The bad points (spoilers!):

  • What the hell with taking out Vittoria's father?! Her emotional investment in this whole thing is just stripped away. I guess we're just to believe she feels guilty or responsible for the anti-matter getting snatched away? And what of her budding romance with Robert?

  • The husband pointed out the character switches between Olivetti and Richter. I don't remember that so much, but I knew something wasn't quite right.

  • The husband also reminded me of the fifth brand was not as depicted in the movie.

  • The Assassin's role was purely motivated by money? In the book he was quite different, believing he was part of some brotherhood. Instead he's just a gun for hire in the movie. Oh, and he should have taken his own advice or he might have had a different end.

  • The Carmerlengo's motivation. The essence might have existed in the movie, but the key point I was waiting for never materialized. His background is such a great twist and it was ignored in the film. And that pretty much killed it for me.

Although I adore Tom Hanks and enjoy many of his films, I just don't find him believable as Robert Langdon. I don't know what it is.

So would I recommend Angels & Demons? I say READ THE BOOK. The movie can wait for rental. But that's just me. :)

Now I want to see Star Trek again.
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