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Ummm, WOW!

What can I really say? I'm a little shell shocked after last night's episode. I thought it was great and crazy and stunning and intense and freaky. Where to start?

[This is long, so if you don't watch LOST, feel free to skip the rest of this post...]

THE INCIDENT - my thoughts in haphazard order...

Who the heck plays Jacob?! It was driving me NUTS throughout the whole episode even as he was appearing here and there and touching the lives of the Oceanic survivors. (Oh, just looked him up-- Mark Pellegrino. He has a bunch of tv credits but nothing that stands out. I guess he just has one of those faces.)

Anyhoo, Jacob. WOW. I loved the beginning with him working on his loom. (Reminded me of my fanfic Xena/Herc days wherein my character was a weaver.) Looks like he's been around for a LONG time. And oh, there was the Black Rock at sea. And who was the man who showed up and chatted with him a bit?

Jacob appears to the Oceanic survivors at various points of their lives before (and in some cases after) the crash. He's actually rather kind and almost unnoticeable until the the moment he reveals himself. He's obviously a timeless being much like Richard Alpert. Does he have power? Is he a fallen god?

When Ben confronts him, he does not say the words that could possible save him. Is it because he knows this is what must happen? And what do his last words mean?

"They're coming."

Oh Juliet! Is her sacrifice just that, a sacrifice? Is she really gone? I don't want her to be gone! But the tragedy makes for good story and her name is Juliet after all. I wanted to cry a little for her as she watched the submarine sink back into the ocean. It was almost as if she saw the life she could have had with James sink into oblivion. I did not agree with her reasoning in wanting to help Jack. She didn't want her heart broken? Is it not better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all? Ah Juliet. I hope that if she really is gone that she knows that James loved her. Her last (?) act was the most gut wrenching moment of the whole episode.

Okay, it's weird calling him that but goodness, he almost made me cry. He certainly clamped hard on my heart with his anguish at losing his beloved Juliet. And I do believe he loved Juliet. They had three years and what was more telling than the realization that he could have prevented the death of his parents yet he did not? He had a life with Juliet. He loved her.

I've become so annoyed with Kate. Just stay with Jack! Even as she pushes him away, she's with him too. She still follows him in the end. I understood why she wanted to stop Jack. Why should she want to go back to that life handcuffed to face her sins? One could say (and I would probably say this) that she faced those sins and more from her time after the crash. Yet even as I understand and sympathize with her, I almost wish she had been the one to do what Juliet had done. But then again, Kate was never that strong.

Oh Jack. He has changed so very much in the time we've known him. I hope what he thought was right turns out as it should. I'm quite torn about him because in the beginning I supported him even with his flaws. And then when he was flailing about I was sad and disappointed. Now? I'm not quite sure what I'm feeling about him.

Gosh, I really love this guy. Even as he's commanded much screen time in the past couple of episodes, I still sense that mystery about him. Is his seeming immortality a blessing or a curse? Was he a crew member of the Black Rock? Or has he been part of the island for nearly as long as Jacob? So many unanswered questions. Ricardus. Sounds Roman, doesn't it? And his answer to the question was in Latin. Hmmmm. What happened to him and Eliose and the Others? Does he really watch Jack and Kate and Hurley and company die?

He called Dr. Chang "Dad"! It delighted me when Miles finally showed that yes, he cared about his father. I like Miles. I like how he gave the group that "Did you think that maybe by doing what he's going to do Jack is actually causing what he's trying to prevent" speech. "I'm glad you all thought this through." And I think he was right. Just so you know.

He's been great comedy and this time was no exception. I especially liked how he confessed that he killed but didn't really kill the three people. And he thought maybe Jacob was dead, right, in the cab? Great stuff. I wonder if he knows what's in the guitar case. What is in the guitar case?!

Oh Sayid! His flashback showing Nadia's death was so horrible and sad! You just knew her death had to be as horrible as they showed it but did they have to show it? Goodness! And as Nadia fell, I wondered if Sayid had been the original target. Did Jacob save him from death? And if so, to what purpose? Surely not to bleed to death after getting shot! Please no!

I was so happy to see Vincent! I'm glad those two made it and decide to "retire." Good for them! I LOVED Bernard's reaction to seeing his fellow survivors and Rose's wry comments about them trying to stop Jack. I'm glad they got to enjoy their time while everyone else was running around pretending to be Dharma folk or being miserable back in the real world.

I liked their flashback. But if the crash never happens, then Sun leaves Jin, right? I don't like that. I want them to find each other after this time apart. I want them to have a happy ending!

He followed "Locke" so meekly, obviously hating his new role as the executioner. And when he hesitated in the thought of killing Jacob, he fell under Locke's reasoning. I actually felt sorry for Ben, in spite of all the insanity and chaos he wrought. He wanted vindication and recognition from Jacob. When he got neither, he killed Jacob. Will he regret it?

So he's dead. I knew there was something just a little off about the risen from the dead John Locke. It's not Locke! Is Locke dead? Is he still in there somehwere duking it out with Jacob's rival? You know, his soul fighting to come back in the body. I think he's dead and it makes me sad. But I do like how Jacob's rival (Man #2?) chose John Locke to inhabit or reanimate or take over. It was intriguing. But poor Locke. :(

My questions (besides any I might have uttered above):

  • As piled on as this season finale was, I did miss seeing Desmond. His part can't be finished, can it?

  • Is Jacob dead now? I hope not! The fella playing him was so good and it would be wonderful to see him again. Please?

  • Is Juliet really dead?

  • What is in the damn guitar case?

  • What happened to the rest of the statue?

  • Will Ben realize he was duped by Man #2 (aka Fake Locke aka Jacob's rival)?

  • Who is the leader now?

Am I really going to be able to wait and not try to find freakin' spoilers?!

And my poem of the day (because I don't feel like posting another entry)...

should I weep for you
forgotten in the chaos
lost along the way

should I fight for you
reach out with every fiber
as you fade from me

should I mourn for you
as you go with such regret
professing your love
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