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savoring the cool air

A nicer day than yesterday, at least temperature-wise. I think it's going to get warmer now. I dread it a bit. Why can't it stay in the lower 70s? :P

the tree outside the house

If kids are fighting after school, not on school property, is it the fault of the school?

I wonder who got District Classified Employee of the Year.

I bought the movie novelization of Star Trek. Does that make me a total geek? I also started reading the sample of "The Host" by Stephanie Meyer and now I want to get the book. Darn it! And no, I have not read any of the Twilight books.

And omigosh, Rick Springfield is 59 years old?!

rick springfield is how old?!

your heart betrays you
beckons you upon this path
promising deceit
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