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it's a small world

The other day we were driving along and passed a police car. The officer had pulled someone over and as we passed I thought I recognized the officer. I wondered if what I saw was indeed an old co-worker. Today I asked one of SROs and he replied in the affirmative to my query. Ye gods! lol!

I want to see STAR TREK again on the big screen. Preferrably in IMAX. I'm tempted to buy the novelization of Star Trek for my iPhone. I feel a little obsessed. Ye gods!

Twas a warm day today and even though I was in the comfort of an air conditioned office, I still felt slightly sticky. Icks.

I'm watching the video demonstration of the Kindle DX. I don't know why. But I do know that I would love one of these things. Someday!

you've wasted your dreams
crushed and brushed them all aside
without tears falling
Tags: etc, poetry
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