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a dream will come true

one day this moment
we will meet and smile and laugh
a dream will come true

A totally weird, random dream came my way this morning...

I was in San Francisco with a friend. I picked her up from her place (?) and we went to church for some event of sorts. Baptism? First communion? Wedding rehearsal? Anyway, my family and friends were going to be there too and we were meeting up with everyone there. When everyone was there, the church turned into some kind of auditorium with a stage or something. A bunch of actors came up on stage (was it a convention? yeah, maybe a convention) and one of them was Erik Thomson!!! WTH?! He was there with his Packed to the Rafters co-star Rebecca Gibney and then his wife Caitlin McDougall surprised him.

When he was off stage and somewhere else, I got up to find him because I just had to meet him in person, of course. I found him in a room or something and approached him. He was friendly but ready to brush me off, then I said I was Valerie and his eyes lit up and we hugged! Awwww. I didn't really ask him why he was there or anything but did tell him that it was great to see him and could I take a picture with him. I took out my camera (or was it my phone?) and we took a picture together. I gave him my card and told him to call or email me anytime. When we said our good byes we hugged and quick kissed. Omigosh! And then I lost him in the crowd later. Alas!

The dream ended with me looking frantically for my purse, which had my car keys, and finally finding it under a piano.

The dream was odd in few ways.

  1. I would never drive to San Francisco on my own.

  2. I would have had someone take a picture of me and Erik, not try to do a self portrait.

  3. I would not have lost my purse for the little bit of time that I did.

  4. I would have gotten Erik's number as well. lol!

But dear me, I actually kissed Erik in my dream? Rockin'! LOL!

We went out to an early dinner yesterday. Got to see my Meggie!


Food at Applebee's is pretty tasty.

applebee's applebee's


After dinner we went to a friend's house and spent a little time. It got dark pretty fast.


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! :D
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