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I had a nice birthday yesterday. Nothing too fancy, just a nice relaxing day with the hubby.

lunch at Fuzio
a floral flavored iced tea to drink

We had lunch at Fuzio, our first time there. The food was good, on the slightly pricey side, but I was full afterwards.

lunch at Fuzio
crab cake

lunch at Fuzio
shrimp scampi

After lunch we walked around a bit and stopped at Bath & Body Works and DSW. I bought some lotions and body creams (fragrant!) and two pairs of shoes (on clearance!). It was nice to do a bit of shopping.

streets of brentwood
the Rave, the place where I will watch STAR TREK

The Streets of Brentwood (which is what this shopping area is called) just opened up this past autumn. It's new and clean and too cute! Reminds me of the Forum in Norcross, GA. Just so stylish. lol!

streets of brentwood
can you see Bath & Body Works?

streets of brentwood
in front of the pretty fountain

The only bummer of the day was the A's losing in extra innings. Alas. Don't they know they're supposed to win on my birthday?!
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