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Hau`oli Lā Hānau

... to me. Yes, I'm a year older today. Dear me. lol!

We went out to dinner with my parents last night. Hana Japan! I was so full afterwards. It was good. :)

Hana Japan dinner! Hana Japan dinner!
Hana Japan dinner!
Hana Japan dinner!

It's fun when the cook your food in front of you. Food and a show!

dad & mom
my parents

me and hubby

After dinner we headed over to my parents' house and watched the Pacquiao/Hatton fight. I was totally expecting it to last more than two rounds. My cousins and niece also joined us, so that was fun. I always like seeing my family. lol! Oh, and good fight! :D

dad's beers
dad's beer

maybe someday I'll forget
all the causes of regret
simmering deep inside
waiting for the rushing tide
maybe someday I'll see
the light shining before me
guiding me along the way
through every swing and sway
maybe someday I'll realize
all this need to idealize
means nothing in the end
without a little bend
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