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restless in the yearning

my heart beats blue
forgotten in the swirl
where confusion laughs
dipped into the chaos
my soul drifts amiss
uncertain amongst the rest
restless in the yearning
skimming the melancholy
my vision shimmers
softening the edges
blotting out the stark
blinding any intuition

I must say, I am mostly happy with my new iPhone. My only complaint is really the battery. Why can't it last longer?! I don't think I should have to charge it in the middle of the day. And why is our place a bit of a dead zone? The battery drains like crazy in the house. Ye gods.

I totally dig the book apps. I thought I liked the Kindle app, but the Stanza app rocks even more! I'm reading again! Okay, so I'm reading a lot of free romance novels, but still! I downloaded some classics which were free, so that's cool too. I should buy a couple of books. Maybe Gone with the Wind. It's been awhile since I've read that book. Hmmm...

The A's got rained out today. Boo!

today's consumables
today's tea

I like drinking tea, but it goes right through me. Alas! ;)
Tags: iphone, poetry
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