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I'm tinkering with my layout a bit, so don't be alarmed if you see it switching a lot. ;) I almost used a layout that looked a lot like my mjazz blog, but I thought that might be too confusing. Although the layout did feature Mulder. ;) Maybe I'll figure out how to tinker with the current layout to add a top banner. I'm hopeless with these things sometimes.

Our new Blackberries were delivered today! It's the Nextel version (7100i) and so far it rocks! :D It's mostly an email device, although I can IM with Yahoo on it. Not that I will. LOL! Still, it's so neat to have a Blackberry again. :D

We watched a lot of television this holiday weekend. A few episodes of Grey's Anatomy, then a bit of Lost. We mostly watched Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queens. Thank goodness for DVDs! LOL!

I'm doing a lot of off the top poetry. I wonder if that's a good thing...

He's a stranger
every bit of everything
she craves
The dangerous glint
in his cool eyes
traps her
feeds upon her recklessness
Oh yes
he will do quite nicely
He's a man unknown
territory to explore
What will her hands unlock
upon his surrender?
He's wild
she can hear it
in his whisper
she can feel it
in the silk of his touch
He's waiting for her
One move
One yes
He's ready
to unleash himself
One look
One word
She's ready
to take him somewhere dark
Soft hands on hard muscle
Velvet kisses on sweet skin
Nothing stops them
Nothing stands between
turning the moment into forever
Tags: poetry
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