Valerie (valeriejoy) wrote,

sweet tweets

  • 23:28 LJ post - sweet tweets #
  • 07:25 oh, didn't tweet all weekend except my LJ posts. oops! twas a good weekend. must upload pics after work. #
  • 08:22 Hoping this cup of Earl Grey wakes me up a bit #
  • 10:07 @tialessa oh no, so sad to hear about robert bruce. :( #
  • 11:06 @sarahlane nothing to be ashamed of! nacho cheese doritos are the best. ;) #
  • 11:19 i've had too much tea to drink. alas. #
  • 13:04 @tialessa i'm surprised i didn't see it mentioned on any of the xena lists i'm on as well. :( #
  • 14:08 @oliviaaarrgh interesting article. i married "young" and here i am still married 15 years later. ;) i dug a lot of the points in the article #
  • 21:31 LJ post - never meant to last #
  • 22:47 @misseslokelani sometimes I wish for foggy days. Don't get much of those out this way. LOL #
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