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oh a's

The A's lost just as I turned on the audio on my MLB At Bat 2009 on my iPhone when I was at work. Alas, oh dear A's.

We went to the Pyramid Alehouse yesterday after a jaunt to the Apple Store. I've found my beer! Actually, I had it at the Sunshine Saloon during March Madness. I had it again last night.

Hefe weizen

Oh, and the burger last night was delicious!

dinner at Pyramid

Tonight we had Chinese food. We never have Chinese food. But I wanted something that would leave me leftovers. :D

dinner time at Chef Chen
honey walnut chicken, sweet and sour prawns, mongolian beef

And a bit inspired by things I read...

your love is a lie
conditional to the core
unworthy of me
Tags: poetry
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