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inspiration waits

how very untouched
merely skimming the surface
inspiration waits

I think my allergies, the ones I don't really admit I have, are bothering me right now. It's becoming so that I dread the lovely sunshiny days because it means things are flying about and making me sneeze. Ugh!

I am having LOTS of fun with my iPhone. I think it's the freakin' app store that's getting me. Yesterday I bought the MLB At Bat 2009 app and oh my gosh, it's so cool! I can listen to a game's radio feed (either team) on my phone! How neat is that? I've also downloaded the Kindle app to read some free stuff. Pride and Prejudice is my current read. ;) I'm also trying out the MobileMe thing. I dig the push email. But is it worth the $99? I guess that's why we get to have a free trial.

Right now my only real complaint is battery life. It kinda sucks that I have to make sure I charge it up in the middle of my workday if I want to be sure to have some juice by day's end. Oh, and why can't there be a "ring only" mode without me having to switch off certain things so that I can have it on my beside table? And one more-- why can't I email a full resolution picture? Why must the mail program resize the photo? I have to use an app to send my pictures full res from my iPhone and the app strips some of the info (like what kind of camera, etc). Alas.

Otherwise, I'm quite happy with the new phone! :)
Tags: iphone, poetry
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