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Even when it's foggy, the view is lovely...

I've sent off the "we've moved" email. Hopefully it doesn't hop off into people's junk folders. LOL!

We woke up to fog and mist. Although the sun came out, so did the hail and then finally just rain. Gray and gloomy-ish, eh? But still so pretty!

Our computers are set up (yeehaw!). I have sound now. Most glorious! I also unpacked more of the kitchen. And still, we have MUCH to unpack. :P

Poetry, off the top! (I seem to do that more these days, eh?)

I give up
to the mist surrounding
to the chill in the air
to the gray of nothing

I surrender
to the sweet silence
to the trace of whispers
to the touch of unspoken dreams

I let go
to the gentle rush
to the soft embrace
to the impending destiny

Oh, pictures of our move can be found at Moving Day. :)
Tags: poetry
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